Q. Is an alarm complicated to use?

A. No – It’s normally just a matter of entering a four digit code whenever you want to set it.

Q. Who chooses that four digit code?

A. You can. The code is changeable at any time. It does not come ‘Factory set’.

Q. How do I turn it off?

A. Whenever you re-enter the house, it will bleep at you. Just enter the code and it switches off.

Q. Can I set it at night?

A. Yes, and we advise that you do. We will program the system to include only those areas that you want protected and exclude others during a ‘night’ setting. It is more disturbing to be burgled when you are asleep, than when out!

Q. What happens if it goes off?

A. The alarm will only ring for a pre-programmed length of time before silencing and re-arming itself. If you are there you just enter your code to stop it.

Q. Will I know if it has been off while I was away?

A. Yes. When you return you will notice the external strobe light flashing, to warn you that there may potentially be danger in the house. Also the keypad will bleep differently to normal when you open the entry door.

Q. I have pets. Can I still have an alarm?

A. Yes. We can use various equipment and methods to protect your home, whilst still allowing your pets to be in the house. Our surveyor will advise the best way of doing this when we assess your property.

Q. Do I have to change any batteries in a wired system?

A. No. All batteries are rechargeable and have a life-expectancy of 3-4 years. Our engineer will check these annually and change them for you when necessary.

Q. What happens in a power cut?

A. All systems have rechargeable batteries that must keep the system powered for at least 8 hours. Should power not be restored before the battery runs out a second battery is then used to trigger the external Alarm Box alerting everyone that there is a problem. The system does not just run flat quietly.

Q. I’ve heard about Wireless Alarms. Are they any good?

A. Some are, some aren’t. They can be prone to false alarms from rogue frequencies and the batteries do need changing regularly, unlike ‘wired’ alarms. In certain situations dictate that Wireless systems may be a more practical solution for various reasons, – but read on… Professionally supplied Wireless Alarms are far superior to ones available in DIY stores, and engineers have the equipment to detect rogue frequencies and test signal strengths, thus minimizing false alarms. You also have the peace of mind that should any problems occur, they will be diagnosed and dealt with promptly by the Installer under warranty – unlike a DIY system when you are on your own!

Q. What happens if my neighbors just ignore my Alarm?

A. Our new systems can be designed with a built in communicator but existing systems can have Additional equipment can be added to the alarm, linking it to a telephone line that calls either your mobile, office, relatives, etc, whenever your alarm goes off, alerting you of a potential problem.

Q. How long is my alarm guaranteed for?

A. All of our own alarms are guaranteed for the first year following installation. That includes all parts and labour charges as a result of faulty equipment or workmanship. We will extended the warranty for a second year if you take out a service contract when it has been installed for 12 months.

Q. Do you service alarms that you haven’t installed?

A. Yes, we will attend any call to whatever system you may have and can offer you an annual service plan should you require one. Obviously, the type of system you have and extent of cover required will determine the price.

If your question has not been answered please contact us and we will be happy to help, Code 1 Security.